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Up-to-date news. Achivements and Forex trading success. The most recent information on working with real accounts. News related to political and economic situations in the countries which cause direct influence on the world's currency rates.

Trading results for April 2017. Profits: + $477
Published 01.05.2017 at 11.35 AM.

Dear friends! First of all, I want to congratulate you on the May holidays and wish you successful trading! May Fortune favor you and all deals bring you profits only! I also wish you more bright ideas and much success in all endeavors! I hope that your work will always bring you financial gains and, moreover, a great mood!

I suppose that each of you wants to share your trading results in the comments below the article. Now I will start from myself.

Trading results for March 2017. Profit +$1,348
Published 01.04.2017 at 02.00 PM.

Greetings to all visitors of my blog! Despite the playful mood which is common for April 1st, I suggest we deal with serious things and calculate how much I earned in March 2017. Thanks to risk diversification, a systematic approach, and strict observance of capital management methods, my profits swelled to $1,348 last month. As you see, the use of different trading strategies and systems as well as distribution of assets between three trading accounts again proved their efficiency. Thus, another month finished in the green. 

Trading results for February 2017. Profit: +$392
Published 28.02.2017 at 12.30 PM.

Hi to everyone. Today is the last winter day, so it’s time to sum up trading results for February 2017. This month was quite difficult for me, as quotes broke through support and resistance levels many times and ignored the mirror levels. Besides, the gains received from trading on patterns were limited as deals closed at first target levelsto lock in a profit. All in all, the total profit on three accounts came in at $392.

Trading results for January 2017. Profit: +$897
Published 31.01.2017 at 02.35 PM.

Hello dear blog visitors! Winter is at its best this year. Kids are pleased with fine snow. Nevertheless, severe frost prevents people from spending time outdoors and enjoying a ride on sled and skiing. I wish I could. I was facing the same situation on my active account in early January. First, I had fears about unexpected dynamics of trading instruments amid low market liquidity in the days of Christmas and New Year celebrations. Then my fears were followed by great confidence in my trading decisions that led to higher volumes of positions I decided to open. 

Huge Catch trading contest
Published 16.01.2017 at 07.00 PM.

Dear friends! Today, the ForexMoney forum administration under the sponsorship of InstaForex has started a trading contest for demo accounts called Huge Catch. Anyone can fish. The only thing you need to have is a craving for winning and some spare time. At the moment, more than 230 people have already signed up for the contest and now are hurrying to get the finest places to show the best result by the time when the winner will be determined.

Trading results for 2016. Profit: +$13,920
Published 31.12.2016 at 01.00 PM.

Good afternoon, dear friends! I congratulate you on the upcoming holidays and wish you every happiness, peace and goodness with all my heart. May all your wishes and secret ambitions come true in the New 2017 Year and may Santa Claus  bring you a bagful of health, happiness and love under the tree!

Before greeting the Red Fire Rooster, the owner of 2017, let's see what the sweet troublemaker Monkey brought us in 2016.

Trading results for November 2016. The profit is +$1,178
Published 01.12.2016 at 06.40 PM.

Hi to everyone. First all, let me wish you a good start of the winter. Days get shorter and we feel more comfortable at home, so I spend plenty of time, trading and getting better insight into the world of financial markets. Yes, that’s right. Though I’ve got vast experience on Forex, there is always something new for me, and if I find some interesting material, you are the first who learn about it.

Team contest for traders - Presidential Race
Published 06.11.2016 at 04.40 PM.

Dear friends, while everyone in the world discusses shocking results of presidential elections in the US, you can participate in a trading contest Presidential Race.

Today all traders are busy creating their teams as Monday is the time to get to the starting line and stand against your long-time opponents or meet the new ones. Taking into account previous trading battles, we can conclude that this event should be spectacular and fascinating.

Trading results for October 2016. Profits +$899
Published 01.11.2016 at 11.42 AM.

The calendar shows November 1. It means the time is ripe to sum up trading results for the previous month. Before I unveil my statement, let’s recall the biggest market moves in October. The GBP/USD pair was again under the spotlight. In early October, the pair broke out support at 1.3000 and tumbled to the record low of 1.2000. Interestingly, the pair hit the bottom during night trade, when an hourly candlestick was in the range from 600 to 1,200 pips on different trading floors.   

Trading results for September 2016. Profits: +$1,486
Published 30.09.2016 at 05.43 PM.

Dear friends! Another trading period has come to an end and I’m going to sum up my results for September 2016. This month witnessed lots of significant events that had a strong impact on the market. However, most trading instruments have still been showing us the same sideways movement we saw after Britain’s vote to leave the European Union. The EUR/USD pair stands out most of all, moving in a 200-pip range throughout September. Despite the fact that the market repeated the August dynamics scenario, profits rose fourfold to $1,486 this month.