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Up-to-date news. Achivements and Forex trading success. The most recent information on working with real accounts. News related to political and economic situations in the countries which cause direct influence on the world's currency rates.

Trading results for August 2016. Profits: $379
Published 01.09.2016 at 12.30 PM.

Dear friends, though our school years have long gone, we should never stop learning. I have been into financial markets for eight years and still discover something new and try to apply it to trading to improve my results.

Knowledge is power; and my latest report alongside the recent victory in trading contests proves it.

First prize in North?South?Flat? contest and second place in Olympian Calm contest for live accounts
Published 28.08.2016 at 04.52 PM.

The Olympian calm contest for live accounts came to an end. This means that it’s time to recollect some high points and sum up the results. The tournament was hot and unpredictable and the last day stuck in memory of many participants. Amid speeches of Janet Yellen and Stanley Fischer, the day turned out to be quite volatile and the Interstellar team was able to take advantage of it. It skyrocketed from the sixth place to the top three securing the third place.

Trading results for June 2016. Profit: +$1,659
Published 01.07.2016 at 10.07 AM.


Here is my trading report for June 2016. This month, I used three accounts which brought me the total profit of $1,659 thanks to successful trading. Have I managed to implement all my plans? Am I satisfied with the result? Absolutely! I’m glad to receive any profit during such a difficult period of financial turmoil.  This is connected with high volatility evoked by the June Brexit referendum.

Trading results for May 2016. Profit: +$3,553
Published 01.06.2016 at 04.59 PM.

I’d like to introduce you to my trading report for May 2016. In the run-up to summer, investors closed long positions on risky assets as usual. So I took advantage of this situation. And that brought me a total profit of +$3,553 from my three accounts. To my viewpoint, this is a great result every trader with average capital should strive to. 

Victory in Cruise team contest
Published 02.05.2016 at 11.39 AM.

Luckily,the Cruise trading team contest ended right on April 30, 2016. So instead of my usual monthly report, I decided to share the results of this captivating competition with you. The contest was held on live deposits, thus reducing rash decisions. The contest gave me an opportunity to trade alongside those who have been working on Forex for quite a long time. The prize pool of RUB 330,000 is provided by InstaForex. The pool was split as follows:

Trading results for March 2016. Profit +$653
Published 01.04.2016 at 05.55 PM.

Hi folks! Congratulations on April Fools’ Day! Let’s have a look at a serious trading report for March 2016. This month, trading was carried out on three accounts and the profit totaled $653. You wonder if I’m pleased with the result. On the one hand, I coped well in March that makes me satisfied in psychological and financial terms. On the other hand, the result could have been much better if the price wouldn’t have reversed at my strategic stop orders on oil and the pound sterling. However, we are in no hurry. Let’s consider each of the accounts separately. 

Trading results for February 2016. Profit: $ 1,374
Published 01.03.2016 at 07.03 PM.

My dear visitors! March has started and I provide you with my regular monthly trading report for February 2016.

I guess you can’t wait to find out whether I managed to reap profits and whether my forecasts in posts and comments came true. Expectations for the stronger greenback in the first half of the month were not met. When critical levels were hit, I locked some positions instead of fixing losses as I opened some deals in the medium term.

Trading results for January 2016. Profit: +$1,038
Published 01.02.2016 at 12.21 PM.

Dear readers, let me wish you a good start of the new 2016. Here I publish my trading results for January. The second winter month was quite difficult and tense. While it was easy to foresee the EUR/USD movement, GBP/USD and USD/CAD seemed to have snapped and drew new lows almost every day. Crash on the Chinese market which led to fall in crude price and commodity pairs was thought to be the main reason for such behavior of the pairs. Big players took advantage of this negative situation; they continued to blow another bubble on USD/CAD.

Trading results for 2015. Profit: $13,740
Published 31.12.2015 at 05.12 PM.

Happy New Year, my friends! I wish the new year will bring you an enormous bag full of presents where you’ll find good health, strong love, infinite happiness, great mood, prosperity, career, pots of money and a shovel for pocketing profit!

Speaking of presents, let me remind that InstaForex always treats its clients, even during the crisis, and provides an opportunity to start trading without spending a cent, or to increase one’s deposit with the help of 250% bonus. To get the bonus, follow this link.

Trading results for October 2015. Profit: +$794
Published 02.11.2015 at 12.48 PM.

Dear readers! I’d like to remind you that I am still a happy holder of several InstaForex accounts. Despite the global economic crisis that has hit many financial organizations, the company is still holding various promo campaigns. For example, trading newbies can participate in the “250% Bonus” campaign. To receive the bonus, just click on this link. You can find more information about the broker’s advantages and a step-by-step instruction how to get the bonus in my post “The biggest welcome bonus of 250% from InstaForex.”

While you’re mulling over whether you should try your hand in Forex trading, I’m going to share with you one more trading report, this time for October 2015. As well as in September, I was trading on three accounts. My total profit came up to $794. Let’s look at my trading results in more detail.