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Up-to-date news. Achivements and Forex trading success. The most recent information on working with real accounts. News related to political and economic situations in the countries which cause direct influence on the world's currency rates.

Victory in “North? South? Sideways” contest (12.12.2014)

Yet another victory in the “North? South? Sideways” competition reminded me of the phrase ‘once is chance, twice is coincidence, third time is a pattern’. This amazing contest is held by ruforum.mt5.com and is sponsored by InstaForex. Traders can compete in the ability to forecast price dynamics of four trading instruments over a week without risking their funds. It’s quite a difficult task at first, but with the help of technical analysis, you can calculate the chances of hitting targeted levels.

Another victory in the North? South? Flat? contest

This week, once again I managed to foresee the movement of four trading instruments within the North? South? Flat? contest. I look forward to when InstaForex will introduce one touch options, and I’ll be able to try out these forecasts on real accounts. Participating in such a contest, you can both get a prize and develop your analytical skills which help you to improve trading results.

Trading results for October 2014. Profit of 3,343 USD.


Another month passed by and now we can analyze the trading results. The market calmed down and gave a chance to earn after crazy September trading. Although the number of set ups was low, their quality resulted in a profit of 3,343 USD in October on two accounts! I would like to tell that this amount as usual includes an annual interest rate which is monthly credited to the free funds on InstaForex accounts. 

Trading results for September 2014. Profit of 1,400 USD


The trends without reversals continued in September. Mind blown period for most traders! After the crisis of 2008 year, the Aug-Sept 2014 period can be named as one of most complicated ones. The familiar trading patterns were broken one after another. It seemed that the candlestick patterns and divergences do not work anymore. But, despite this fact and thanks to trading discipline, it was possible to close this period in green with the total profit of 1,400 USD on two accounts. 

Money cannot be transferred to liqpay from privat24


Recently, a lot of people are posting complaints about the liqpay electronic payment system. The main problems users are facing are frozen payments and double conversion when making transactions in a foreign currency. I cannot confirm the information on frozen payments as when I was making test transactions to liqpay through a Privatbank card, the whole amount was credited in a few minutes. As for a double conversion for transactions in a foreign currency, it was impossible to check it. When making a transaction from a card in US dollars to an account in liqpay through privat24, I was informed:

At the moment routine maintenance is underway in this section.

We apologize for temporary inconveniences.              

Electronic payment systems in Ukraine

Hello, dear friends. 

The time has come when you are done playing on a demo account and have now decided to deposit some real money for trading on Forex. And there comes the question: what payment system is best for money transfers? Back in my day, I spent loads of time to find the optimal option. I’ve tried a whole range of electronic payment systems, banking and postal transfers. Eventually, I’ve made my choice: LiqPay works best for me.