EUR/NZD. TF H4, 17.03.2017. - Double Top
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It is likely that continuous uptrend of the EUR/NZD pair is at the final stage and I expect to see the pair start falling today.I forecast further price movements with the help of technical analysis tools. In this case, chart and candlestick patterns were used. The four-hour time frame showed:

  • the Double Top pattern

  • the Shooting Star candlestick pattern which is located at the second top

13.03.2017 — Trade ideas for EUR/USD and EUR/JPY
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Last week the single currency gained ground against the greenback, the British pound, the yen, and the kiwi. Today euro bulls touched Friday’s highs, but recently bears have gathered momentum. The candlestick charts prompted me to join bears and sell EUR/USD and EUR/JPY. In this review, I will show you the reversal candlestick patterns and the key levels for the euro to recover.

EUR/JPY and EUR/NZD extend their gains
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The EUR/JPY and EUR/NZD pairs have finally started moving in accordance with my expectations which I presented last month. These trading instruments have formed reversal patterns that have been developing successfully over the last few days. If you had enough patience to keep trades on these pairs open, then it’s time for you to reap a decent profit. At the same time, there were some unlucky fellows, like me, who managed to lock only small gains or whose trades were closed by stop loss orders. So, let me show you what price levels I’m going to use to enter the market again.

Trading results for February 2017. Profit: +$392

Hi to everyone. Today is the last winter day, so it’s time to sum up trading results for February 2017. This month was quite difficult for me, as quotes broke through support and resistance levels many times and ignored the mirror levels. Besides, the gains received from trading on patterns were limited as deals closed at first target levelsto lock in a profit. All in all, the total profit on three accounts came in at $392.

Trading advice for USD/CHF and EUR/JPY (22.02.2017)
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Dear colleagues, I hasten to tell you my forecast for the further movements of USD/CHF and EUR/JPY pairs:

  • USD/CHF – the Bearish Wolfe wave was formed on the four-hour time frame. It will cause a short-term weakening of the US dollar against the Swiss franc;

  • EUR/JPY – consolidation shaped the Wedge. Currently, the price is near the support level at 118.70; any breach will lead to a mid-term rise of the euro against the yen.

EUR/USD. H1-D1, 16.02.2017, Inverse head and shoulders pattern
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The euro/US dollar currency pair is likely to end its downward movement and grow in the medium term:

  • H1 – formation of an entry bullish wave
  • H1 – break through the upper limit of the downward line
  • D1 – the price retreated from the left shoulder level of the Inverse head and shoulders pattern
  • D1 – formation of the reverse candlestick pattern Bull Hammer.

The formation data as well as relevant levels of support/resistance are shown on the charts below.

EUR/NZD. H4-W1, 13.02.2017. - Wedge pattern
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While major currency pairs choose what direction to take, let’s have a closer look at EUR/NZD. What is so special about this pair? The thing is, this trading instrument is in the phase of continuous consolidation that is reflected by the Wedge pattern. Perhaps, you know better than me that rapid development of the pattern can bring decent profits. By the way, the last target level is 1,800 pips above the current price according to this pattern. That’s quite tempting, isn’t it? So let’s look at the EUR/NZD chart with different time frames.

CL (light oil). TF H4-D1, 07.02.2017. - The figure "Head and shoulders"
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Crude oil prices (#CL) decline for the second consecutive day and the bearish sentiment starts to dominate the market. In particular, I expect oil prices to continue to fall within the Wedge pattern (Н4), which is the right shoulder of the Head and shoulders pattern (D1). If oil price is in line with forecast, crude will weaken by 8-10 percent during the next couple of weeks. Therefore, I offer you to seize the moment and try to make “a couple of bucks”.

So, what do we have today?

How to increase profits using pyramiding method
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If you prefer aggressive short-term trading with minimalinvestments and maximal gains, then this article will be quite useful for you. This time I will tell you how to multiply your profits with the help of the pyramiding method. Why is this article so useful?

Trading results for January 2017. Profit: +$897

Hello dear blog visitors! Winter is at its best this year. Kids are pleased with fine snow. Nevertheless, severe frost prevents people from spending time outdoors and enjoying a ride on sled and skiing. I wish I could. I was facing the same situation on my active account in early January. First, I had fears about unexpected dynamics of trading instruments amid low market liquidity in the days of Christmas and New Year celebrations. Then my fears were followed by great confidence in my trading decisions that led to higher volumes of positions I decided to open.