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Forex advisors

Forex advisers can be divided into two categories: fully automated and prompters. Even a beginner can trade by using autonomous robot. All that is needed - always-on computer around the clock and a stable internet connection. If you can't keep your computer fully enabled, VPS-Server can be rented. In this section you will find Forex advisers and you can download any of them.

Trend trading using Pattern Graphix plug-in
Published 06.06.2015 at 07.39 PM.


Trend trading is considered to be the safest and easiest way to make money on Forex. Prior to opening a trade, you should correctly determine market entry and exit points. To find these points, you should have extensive knowledge and solid trading experience. The Pattern Graphix plug-in, specifically designed for clients of brokerage firms, will enable you to trade on Forex without the needed knowledge and experience. Developers of Pattern Graphix implemented one of the most effective ways of trend trading in the plug-in, which includes the price chart analysis for trend continuation patterns.    

Pattern Graphix – graphical patterns indicator
Published 12.02.2015 at 02.46 PM.

Friends, I have good news for both beginning traders and those who do not have time to sit in front of their monitor waiting for a market entry setup. InstaForex offers a free advisor designed by the company for trading on Forex. Pattern Graphix is a plug-in for the MetaTrader4 platform that provides a trader with timely information on emerging graphical formations.

Setting up the software is rather simple and takes five minutes. All you need to know is the path to the folder where the platform is located. I have it here: e:\FOREX\InstaTrader.  

Forex Advisors rating
Published 20.07.2014 at 11.28 AM.

In recent years according to fast-growing popularity of Forex market the amount of automated trading systems grows as well.

Though the market represents more than thousand advisers it's really a hard work to choose the right one. The problem is that almost all robots available for free are narrow-specialized. As a rule, advisers are made by algorithm which brings profit under certain market behavior. That's why when choosing a robot you should make high demands to the duration, depth, and exit speed of the drawdown.

Perfectly, the drawdown shouldn't last more than a month and exceed 30% mark. Based on this, I don't understand why the bots built on the averaging or martingale base are placed on the top of the rating.

How to download forex advisor
Published 19.07.2014 at 12.16 PM.

If you decided to trade on Forex, but don’t have much spare time for it, there are several possible ways.

You can:

trade with a strategy that does not require much time (10-20 minute a day). Such strategies imply trading on high time frames (from H4 and higher) or use the method of breaking morning flat. invest in PAMM accounts. You can look for suitable accounts to invest in anytime (even at weekends). copy deals of successful traders onto your account through the ForexCopy system. download and install an expert advisor for automated or semi-automated trading on Forex.