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Trading systems

The most profitable Forex strategies and systems. Every new trading system is being thoroughly learnt by a trader before publishing. You can download files used in trading strategies for free and without registration on the website. The section contains scalping, intraday, short- mid- and long-term trading strategies. Most of the Forex systems posted in the blog can be applied by beginners and experts both.

13.03.2017 — Trade ideas for EUR/USD and EUR/JPY
Published 13.03.2017 at 11.35 AM.

Last week the single currency gained ground against the greenback, the British pound, the yen, and the kiwi. Today euro bulls touched Friday’s highs, but recently bears have gathered momentum. The candlestick charts prompted me to join bears and sell EUR/USD and EUR/JPY. In this review, I will show you the reversal candlestick patterns and the key levels for the euro to recover.

Alligator H4 Trading strategy
Published 28.04.2014 at 11.32 AM.

Let me introduce you to the trading strategy resting on the Alligator indicator. The article on Alligator and Fractals by Bill Williams will give insight about the indicator. Therefore, I suggest that we should not expand on this matter here. So let’s consider the rules of a market entry. Judging by the headline, we are going to trade in the four-hour time frame. This time frame is chosen not by chance as market noise comes to naught in longer time frames and the number of false entries diminishes notably. 

Morning flat breakout trading strategy
Published 04.03.2014 at 10.41 PM.

Hello, dear friends!

Today we are going to deal with a trading strategy called Morning flat breakout. With this strategy, you need only 10-15 minutes a day for trading. We will spend this time to place pending orders.

We recommend the following currency pairs: AUD/USD, EUR/JPY.

First, download and apply to a chart the MorningFlat indicator that will show the upper and lower boundaries of the channel formed during the Asian session. In addition, the indicator is going to calculate the take-profit level. It is set at the 161.8% Fibonacci extension level by default.

TS from David Bradshaw
Published 13.02.2014 at 12.35 PM.

Hi, everyone!

Today I’m going to examine a trading system by David Bradshaw. It is a scalping system, in which trading is carried out on the M5 time frame.

First and foremost, download and install three indicators and a template into a trading platform:


Unpack the indicators to the folder: ...\InstaTrader\MQL4\Indicators

And the template to the following folder: ...\InstaTrader\templates

Trading with Fibonacci retracement
Published 02.12.2013 at 10.17 PM.

Dear Traders,

Let me introduce you to the trading system, in which market entries and exits are determined on the grounds of Fibonacci ratios. We are going to enter the market with pending orders (sell limit/buy limit) when the price is corrected to the key ratios of 38.2% and 61.8% from the momentum. Stop loss is placed above the following value: high/low + 5 pips + spread. The risk of 2% is allowed per deal. The maximum number of deals on Forex is 2. Therefore, the utmost loss per one entry is 4%.

So, we have defined the main elements. Now let’s go!