Dragobrat skiing resort

Published 08.02.2015 at 03.44 PM.

Friends, if you have never been in mountains in winter, be sure to plan a trip to Dragobrat, a skiing resort in Ukraine. It offers a variety of pistes either for training or freeriding. Even if you are not going to ski or snowboard, the Carpathian Mountains are still worth visiting for their amazing atmosphere. As I promised, I post pictures of the pistes and spectacular scenery of the mountains.

Ski lift (830 meters)


Getting off. Preparing to go down.{#driver}

The middle of the piste.

Weird people at the finish.{#lol}

The highest chairlift in Ukraine (1,707 meters).

Squally wind on top just knocks you down.

Breathtaking landscapes of the Carpathian Mountains

Snow groomer is preparing the surface


Well, that was a portion of good mood. From Monday we will be back to work. Let’s go on conquering no less steep summits of Forex.{#268}

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