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Team contest for traders - Presidential Race

Published 06.11.2016 at 04.40 PM.

Dear friends, while everyone in the world discusses shocking results of presidential elections in the US, you can participate in a trading contest Presidential Race.

Today all traders are busy creating their teams as Monday is the time to get to the starting line and stand against your long-time opponents or meet the new ones. Taking into account previous trading battles, we can conclude that this event should be spectacular and fascinating.

First of all, I want to thank, the best forum for traders, for organizing and conducting this event, as well as InstaForex, official sponsor of the tournament which increased the prize pool by 30,000 rubles. Presidential Race price pool of 280,000 rubles will be distributed among the winning teams as follows:

The first place – 120,000 RUB

The second place – 80,000 RUB

The third place – 50,000 RUB

A special prize of 30,000 RUB will be awarded to a participant who will reach the highest score in Individual Rating, independently of his team’s score.

So, are you intrigued? I think, yes. Moreover, you can not only get money prizes, but also interact with other participants and learn some new things about trading and financial markets. Regardless of the fact that a lot of money is at stake, some traders are happy to share their accumulated experience and best practices.

It takes only three simple steps to take part in the competition:

  • create your own team or choose from existing ones;
  • submit an application in the team discussion thread;
  • register new account and deposit 30 USD, 28 EUR, or 1900 RUR on it.

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you! You will be trading on real accounts, so, all profits earned during the contest can be withdrawn after the contest end. The winner will receive not only impressive prizes, but also all profit from trading, killing two birds at once.

Is it possible to win?

To prove that, I will list all my winnings in the previous contests:

  • 1 place - contest "Autumn Palette" in Legion team;
  • 2 place - contest "Unexpected Catch" in Legion team;
  • 2 place - contest "Safe Shelter" in Reckless Legion team;
  • 3 place - contest "Sowing Season" in Legion-Hybrid team;
  • 1 place - contest "Cruise" in The Jolly Roger team;
  • 2 place - contest "Olympian Calm" in The Olympian Gods team.

This time I am a part of Masonic Lodge team: its members more than once won prizes in different competitions.

You can learn about all interesting events that take place during the Presidential Race directly from the team discussion threads and comments bellow this article.

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