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Huge Catch trading contest

Published 16.01.2017 at 07.00 PM.

Dear friends! Today, the ForexMoney forum administration under the sponsorship of InstaForex has started a trading contest for demo accounts called Huge Catch. Anyone can fish. The only thing you need to have is a craving for winning and some spare time. At the moment, more than 230 people have already signed up for the contest and now are hurrying to get the finest places to show the best result by the time when the winner will be determined.

The lucky seven, who will have the largest catch of profits, will share the prize fund of RUR 120,000, according to the places in the contest bracket:

  • 1st - RUB 50,000;
  • 2nd - RUB 30,000;
  • 3rd - RUB 15,000;
  • 4th - RUB 10,000;
  • 5th - RUB 7,000;
  • 6th - RUB 5,000;
  • 7th - RUB 3,000.



Why is it worth participating in the contest?

  • Quite impressive prize fund.
  • The contest is held on demo accounts, which means traders risk nothing.
  • The competitors publish the passwords to their accounts and describe the deals, so you have an opportunity to learn from the most successful traders.
  • Traders can crash test their trading systems and try to get the maximum profit at exorbitant risks.

If you decide to participate, then you need to do the following steps:

  • Carefully examine the rules, because for the actions, which go against the rules of the contest, the participant’s account will be disqualified.
  • Open a demo account (link to the registration form).
  • Create a topic in the contest section of the forum where you should describe your deals.

Watching fishermen and poachers’ preparations, I couldn’t stay away and joined this exciting and fascinating event. And why not? Where else can I get safe psychological relief and trade without any consequences for the real deposit? That’s why I recommend you to take the tackle box and go to the closest pond to make Huge Catch.

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