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March 2015 trading results. Profit: + 1183$

Published 01.04.2015 at 10.46 AM.

Friends, let me remind that during this rough crisis period newcomers still have a unique opportunity to get 250% bonus to their InstaForex accounts.

Beginners are so lucky to have such an opportunity! But what about experienced traders? As it happens, InstaForex takes care of them too. I think interest accrued on free margin and welcome bonuses of 30%, 55% and 100% are quite a nice treat.

The first spring month has come to an end, but nasty weather can be offset by positive statistics from the History tab. As usually, here I present my trading report for March. The combined profit on two accounts amounts to $1,183!

Account No 1.

It was quite easy to foresee the EUR/USD movement, so this pair attracted most of my attention. Almost all losing deals this month were to due to my desire to join both the trend flow and corrective flows within the second and the fourth waves. Despite the fact that I had to lose some profit, the total result came at +$821. Actually, you can see all this in the statement below:

The first thing that hits the eye is the maximum drawdown (7%) and amount of profitable deals (68.42%). In March, the drawdown level was again below its usual 10%, and amount of profitable deals came close to 70%. Not bad, I should say.

Account No 2.

This month, I noticed only one signal to place a long position on light crude. Nevertheless, even one good short-term deal has brought decent profit.

The statement shows three deals, but in fact it is one order which was automatically re-opened after the contract had expired.

Once again, I’d like to mention that I managed to obtain the given above positive results using systematic approach and sticking to the money management rules.

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