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Money cannot be transferred to liqpay from privat24

Published 30.03.2014 at 07.35 PM.


Recently, a lot of people are posting complaints about the liqpay electronic payment system. The main problems users are facing are frozen payments and double conversion when making transactions in a foreign currency. I cannot confirm the information on frozen payments as when I was making test transactions to liqpay through a Privatbank card, the whole amount was credited in a few minutes. As for a double conversion for transactions in a foreign currency, it was impossible to check it. When making a transaction from a card in US dollars to an account in liqpay through privat24, I was informed:

At the moment routine maintenance is underway in this section.

We apologize for temporary inconveniences.              

I decided to transfer money to a liqpay account from a Privatbank card using services inside the electronic system. However, I couldn’t find the option of depositing an account in the new interface layout. Interestingly, the old interface layout included this option. Customer support both at liqpay and Privatbank gave no response. All we can do is wait until the routine maintenance is over. I hope this time Privatbank will remove all bugs and provide clients with complete information on transfer rates and all hidden commissions.

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