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Forex Advisors rating

Published 20.07.2014 at 11.28 AM.

In recent years according to fast-growing popularity of Forex market the amount of automated trading systems grows as well.

Though the market represents more than thousand advisers it's really a hard work to choose the right one. The problem is that almost all robots available for free are narrow-specialized. As a rule, advisers are made by algorithm which brings profit under certain market behavior. That's why when choosing a robot you should make high demands to the duration, depth, and exit speed of the drawdown.

Perfectly, the drawdown shouldn't last more than a month and exceed 30% mark. Based on this, I don't understand why the bots built on the averaging or martingale base are placed on the top of the rating.

And here is the rating itself, built on traders' preferences who chose as a platform for exchanging of trading ideas:

  1. Ilan 1.6Dynamic - 538;
  2. AUTO-PROFIT - 414;
  3. 2Sides_Stoch - 361;
  4. Gepard - 96;
  5. WallStreet - 75;
  6. Turbo Profit - 74;
  7. Buldozer - 72;
  8. Ilan1.6_for_beginners_Mark_Ex - 70;
  9. Shockbar - 63;
  10. The breakdown of the day - 54

The right column shows the amount of tradrs voted to an adviser.

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