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Trading results for 2016. Profit: +$13,920

Published 31.12.2016 at 01.00 PM.

Good afternoon, dear friends! I congratulate you on the upcoming holidays and wish you every happiness, peace and goodness with all my heart. May all your wishes and secret ambitions come true in the New 2017 Year and may Santa Claus {#frost} bring you a bagful of health, happiness and love under the tree!

Before greeting the Red Fire Rooster, the owner of 2017, let's see what the sweet troublemaker Monkey brought us in 2016.

December 2016

Ahead of the holidays, trading was carried on 2 accounts with rather conservative MM. In most cases the dealing risk was 0.5% and didn't exceed 2%. The main emphasis was put on the US dollar as it strengthened after the Fed announced its interest rate decision and the FOMC unveiled its meeting minutes. The approach proved its value in full – the interest rate was raised by 25 basis points to 0.75%, and the regulator revised its forecast to 3 rises in the next year. So the Fed drew up a plan of aggressive monetary tightening. On that positive note the US dollar climbed further against the major currencies, and in doing so it brought the main part of the profit on the working account. According to monthly results, the consolidated profit on the account amounted to $1,029.

On the second account the commodity trade wasn’t successful. Light crude oil repeatedlyignored the neckline of the inversed Head and Shoulders, at which I entered purchases anticipating further upside in crude prices. Natural gas also fell short of expectations, triggering the stop order on a sell deal opened under the Double top pattern. Ultimately, a $62 loss was recorded on the account.

Results for 2016

By popular demand of the blog's regular visitors, I summed up the trading results for 2016. Trading was mainly carried on three accounts. Thanks to diversification, my profits on some accounts offset losses on others. With such an approach, I wasn't distracted by long-term setups, formed in early time intervals. The systematic approach and money management allowed me to settle for repeated dramatic declines in GBP/USD and a non-retraced increase in USD/JPY. Don’t be afraid of possible losses – they are an integral part of any trading system. And the total profit for 2016 in the sum of $13,920 proves my words.

The year of the Fire Monkey became as successful as 2015. I hope the trend holds and the year of the Red Fire Rooster becomes more profitable and favorable. Once again I want to congratulate everyone on the holiday and may all your dreams come true!{#drink}

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