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Trading results for December 2014. Profit of 503 USD

Published 02.01.2015 at 11.47 AM.

Well, December is over and now we can sum up the results for 01.12 - 31.12.2014. Almost all expectations for deep correctional move had failed. Nevertheless, the monthly profit totaled 503 USD. Such positive result was possible thanks to trading discipline and money management. Considering that December and January are not traditionally technical months, the decision was made to trade only on one account. Such untechnical period is explained by lower liquidity on the markets during Christmas holidays.  

The picture below shows detailed information on deals closed in December 2014.  

I would like to point out some key parameters:

  • Profit Factor is 1.85 which is a good result;
  • Maximal Drawdown is 8.89% - great result which is achieved due to money management rules;
  • Profit Trades – 55.56.

Note that despite tough period for global economy, InstaForex still gives pleasant bonuses for the deposits. This time my bonus was 23.66 USD.

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