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Trading results for May 2016. Profit: +$3,553

Published 01.06.2016 at 04.59 PM.

I’d like to introduce you to my trading report for May 2016. In the run-up to summer, investors closed long positions on risky assets as usual. So I took advantage of this situation. And that brought me a total profit of +$3,553 from my three accounts. To my viewpoint, this is a great result every trader with average capital should strive to. 

I think you cannot wait to learn more, so let’s have a look at detailed statistics on all accounts.

Account No.1

As you already know, this account is my workhorse as I use it to make the most of trades on currency pairs. Trading was almost flawless this month as demonstrated by the smooth curve of the deposit profitability and a fantastic profit of $1,849. Despite the fact that I prefer trading majors, I vividly remember two trades on the USD/ZAR and AUD/USD pairs. In the first trade, partial implementation of the bullish Wolfe wave on the daily chart resulted in profit of 700 points. In the second trade, implementation of the Wedge reversal pattern on the hourly timeframe led to a price fall of 650 points, half of which was monetized. Of course, the pattern’s goal was only 100-150 points, but it catalyzed the decline and became a starting point for the bearish trend on the 4-hour timeframe. 

Statistics is impressive. I’ll highlight the key moments:

  • Win rate: 70.15%
  • Maximum drawdown: 7.64%
  • Profit factor: 2.45

Account No.2

As usual, I traded commodities and metals. The direction of trades on gold and silver was chosen technically correct, as evidenced by the collapse in metals prices on the market in the last few days. On the contrary, medium-term trading in crude was not justified as mandatory levels of bearish divergences haven’t been worked out. The earnings were made earlier in the month and totaled $812.

Account No.3

On the long-term account, I opened only two trades counting on the deep correction of the US dollar against the Canadian dollar. Expectations were met and my patience was rewarded by profit of $892. Following the principle of "buy and forget" finally yielded a positive result.

Colleagues, I hope that your results differ slightly from mine, because the majority of profitable setups were promptly published in the section "Indicators and Signals" and in the accompanying comments to the notes with forecasts.

I would be glad if you share your trading success in the comments below. {#13}

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