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Trading results for September 2014. Profit of 1,400 USD

Published 02.10.2014 at 10.33 AM.


The trends without reversals continued in September. Mind blown period for most traders! After the crisis of 2008 year, the Aug-Sept 2014 period can be named as one of most complicated ones. The familiar trading patterns were broken one after another. It seemed that the candlestick patterns and divergences do not work anymore. But, despite this fact and thanks to trading discipline, it was possible to close this period in green with the total profit of 1,400 USD on two accounts. {#268}

Trading account 1.

Trading account 2.

Here is the screenshot showing the history of trades for the first account. First thing that is evident – there are stops. I think that only when you limit the losses, you can get stable profit. As they say, “cut losses and profit will find you!”

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