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Trading results for January 2015. Profit of 2,074 USD

Published 01.02.2015 at 02.09 AM.

Here is the already traditional review of trading results for the last month. Not everything went smoothly in January as well. I have already placed a greater focus on fundamental events due to which Forex market was rather volatile – abandon of EUR/CHF floor by SNB, launch of QE by the ECB. As the result, the crosses with CHF were very volatile and the EUR/USD was falling down with almost no reversals.

Some traders lost money due to such events, but others – earned a good sum. I am pleased to tell that I am among the profit takers. My result in January 2015 was +2,074 USD!!! I would like to note once again that this sum includes the annual interest rate accrued by InstaForex to my trading account.

You can see the detailed transactions’ information in the statement below.  


As you see, the profitable deals are in minority. But despite this fact, the month was profitable for me. It happens so because the ratio of profit to loss deals was 2/1. And once again I recall the saying, “Cut losses, make the profit grow!”  

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