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How to download forex advisor

Published 19.07.2014 at 12.16 PM.

If you decided to trade on Forex, but don’t have much spare time for it, there are several possible ways.

You can:

  • trade with a strategy that does not require much time (10-20 minute a day). Such strategies imply trading on high time frames (from H4 and higher) or use the method of breaking morning flat.
  • invest in PAMM accounts. You can look for suitable accounts to invest in anytime (even at weekends).
  • copy deals of successful traders onto your account through the ForexCopy system.
  • download and install an expert advisor for automated or semi-automated trading on Forex.

Those who decided on the last variant can download any automated trading system for free in the Forex Advisors section. At the end of every description, there is the Download button depicted below.

After clicking on the button, download will start automatically. My blog does not use any access codes and does not redirect you to file hosting services with tons of ads. Besides, an advisor goes with working templates and trading sets.

Dear friends, please keep calm and wait as the Forex Advisor section is being developed.

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