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Champion’s trading, or How to increase your deposit 40-fold in 10 days

Published 26.01.2017 at 01.36 AM.

Dear friends! For 10 days more than 200 traders have been trying to make Huge Catch and get a lot of profits. Little time has passed, but some of the participants have already managed to prove themselves and substantially raise their start-up capital. For example, the leader of the standings increased the initial deposit by 40 times! Perhaps you will say it’s a glitch because for the vast majority it requires more than a year to achieve such results. And you are absolutely right! If trading through classical capital management, then it will take at least 5 years to make $200,000out of $5,000.

But the matter is that traders make deals not on their hard-earned funds but on virtual money on demo accounts, the loss of which will affect neither psychological, nor the financial status. Therefore, almost all "fishermen" trade with the largest possible leverage and open transactions on free margin.

Of course, in addition to high lots and good luck, the trader should have some necessary trading skills. So, to achieve similar phenomenal results, the cornerstone of success should include 3 components:

  • good luck;

  • trading skills;

  • high volume of transactions.

By the way, the contest is absolutely transparent, and we can log in to the leader’s account using the investor’s password and find out their trading technique.

MT4 authorization data:

  • Login: 62810815
  • Password: gG4vQ6Lp
  • Server: (

On January 16, the first transaction on the TradeMoney account was opened on the GBP/CHF and GBP/USD currency pairs at the close of the gap down, which was formed ahead of the British Prime Minister’s speech.


Personally, I am not interested in the entrance at the gap close because that day I also made a similar transaction. I want to know about further position opening against the trend and the strategy based on the standard Stochastic oscillator.

Frankly speaking, I was surprised by the deals made against the main trend at the resistance level of 1.2085. But this time the luck and the market maker were on the side of the trend.

After studying the setups and short comments of the account’s owner, it is possible to build a trading algorithm with the help of the Stochastic indicator.

1. Visually determine the trend on a higher TF. If you’re working on the H1 TF, the trend is determined by the H4.

Natural gas #NG may be used as an example because there are a lot of transactions and a trader connects entries to this strategy.

2. Turn to the working H1TF and wait until the trading instrument appears in the overbought zone (above 80% level).

3. Fix your profits in the oversold zone (below 20% level).

This strategy is extremely risky as trading is carried out without stop orders. It is possible to trade only on a separate deposit, which you are ready to lose any time. Only the market’s entries alongside the trend on the higher TF seemed interesting to me.

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