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Lesson 13: How to invest in InstaForex PAMM projects without paying commission

Published 11.01.2015 at 12.15 AM.


Dear friends, today I’ll tell you a secret how to invest money in a PAMM account without paying any commission to a trader for managing your funds.


Let’s assume you’ve invested $1,000 in a PAMM project called “Ivanov ltd”. The managing trader set a commission rate of 20%. After a while, the trader made a $200 profit. After you request a rollover, you will get $160, and $40 (20%) will go to the trader as a reward for successful trading. Of course, you’ll be happy the latter generated some profit. But from time to time, every investor probably catches him- or herself thinking, when ordering a rollover, that they would rather keep the money to themselves instead of paying the trader. 


So is there any legitimate way to keep the entire profit? My answer is yes, and it’s very simple.

  1. Deposit the money you would like to invest to your InstaForex account.
  2. Request the 30% Welcome Bonus in your Client Cabinet or in the InstaForex Bonuses section.
  3. Invest money in an account that displays a positive dynamic, with the trader’s commission of no more than 25%.
  4. Wait for profits and request a rollover. Your bonus will then be sent over to the broker as a commission.

Now let’s do some simple math and see what’s different between this case and the example given above. So again, you invested $1,000. 

  • You’ve received the welcome bonus, and now you have $1,300 on your account.
  • The trader made a 20% return, thus $1,300 * 20% = $260.
  • The trader’s commission makes up $260 * 20% = $52.
  • And finally, your profit totals $260 - $52 = $208.

As you can see, you did not pay the commission out of your own money and even made an extra profit of $8!

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