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Lesson 20: How to apply indicators to chart
CategoryFor Beginners

In this article, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • how to apply a basic indicator to a chart;
  • how to delete an indicator from a chart;
  • where to get and how to apply an indicator from a third-party developer to a platform.


How to apply a basic indicator to a chart?


If your trading system features some basic indicator, you need just a few simple steps to add it to a chart. First, find an indicator in the Navigator section of the MetaTrader platform. This window can be also opened by pressing Ctrl + N.

Trading results for April 2015. Profit: +$1,587

Dearfriends! I’ve got some good news for you.

Результаты торговли за март 2015г. Прибыль: +1183$

Friends, let me remind that during this rough crisis period newcomers still have a unique opportunity to get 250% bonus to their InstaForex accounts.

Beginners are so lucky to have such an opportunity! But what about experienced traders? As it happens, InstaForex takes care of them too. I think interest accrued on free margin and welcome bonuses of 30%, 55% and 100% are quite a nice treat.

The first spring month has come to an end, but nasty weather can be offset by positive statistics from the History tab. As usually, here I present my trading report for March. The combined profit on two accounts amounts to $1,183!

Lesson 19: Forex indicators
CategoryFor Beginners


Indicators are mathematical models that make reading price charts easier. They serve to determine the degree of volatility and identify efficient market entry/exit points. First off, I’d like to warn you that no indicators can possibly predict future price movements with 100% certainty. Still, they can be used to create trading systemswith a positive mathematical expectation.

Lesson 18: Catching reversal
CategoryFor Beginners

Dear fellows!

Recently, several good non-retracement trends have formed on most trading instruments. And we never follow the road less travelled trying to stand against the trend. As a result, we have to cut quite big losses. Yours truly is not an exception. What else should I do if there are trend-reversal patterns pointing to entries at the very bottom? Besides, there is a psychological factor. Suppose, you’ve missed an entry and the market reverses right at that point! Believe me missed profits feel much worse than cut losses.

Lesson 17: How to draw trend lines correctly
CategoryFor Beginners

It is no secret that trading practitioners, in addition to performing market analysis based on their own strategies, often look through analytical materials published by fellow traders. They do so not because they don’t feel confident about their own approaches but rather to ensure that the process of professional development never stops. Among hundreds of charts, one will always find a new idea that can be turned into a profitable trading system. Oh no, don’t worry, I’m not going to write here about holy grails.   This time, I’d like to talk about trend lines and ways to draw them correctly on a chart. You may ask, “Is there really a way to draw them incorrectly?” Believe it or not, some traders, even those who have spent years trading on Forex, still haven’t learned how to build correct trend lines, though they may believe they have mastered the art.

Trading results for February 2015. The profit is $697

Friends, here I publish my trading report for February 2015. If you keep tabs on the market analysis presented in my blog, then you have surely noticed that the rise in the LLS prices and another fall in EUR/USD have drawn most of my attention. While EUR/USD managed to break out of continuous southward consolidation only in the end of the month, and crude oil wasn’t able to gain another bullish momentum, still I’ve got a positive trading result. The combined profit on two accounts is $697, $54.34 of which is interest rate accrued on InstaForex accounts.

Lesson 16: Should we put stop loss trading on Forex?
CategoryFor Beginners

Hello, dear friends. In the comment section, I have recently found the following question: “Should we put stop orders in case of a good deposit? Sooner or later, the market will reverse. We only need to wait to close the position. What do you think about it?”

Taking into account a big variety of ambiguous answers, let’s look at this issue from different points of view. Some people suppose that if a trader has a lot of money, it is not necessary to put stop orders because the price will go back and the deal will be closed either in the break even zone or with profit. However, such an approach can be applied only when trading liquid pairs without leverage. In this case, the profit will be very small. That is why it is better to deposit money in a bank at interest.  

Pattern Graphix – graphical patterns indicator
CategoryForex advisors

Friends, I have good news for both beginning traders and those who do not have time to sit in front of their monitor waiting for a market entry setup. InstaForex offers a free advisor designed by the company for trading on Forex. Pattern Graphix is a plug-in for the MetaTrader4 platform that provides a trader with timely information on emerging graphical formations.

Setting up the software is rather simple and takes five minutes. All you need to know is the path to the folder where the platform is located. I have it here: e:\FOREX\InstaTrader.  

Lesson 15: Trend trading
CategoryFor Beginners

Trend-following trading on Forex is considered to be the safest way to make money in the currency market. Before opening a deal, you should determine entry and exit points. To do it correctly, you need broad knowledge and wide trading experience. The first is acquired through corresponding materials, but the second is gained over years. A few months ago, I discovered the Pattern Graphix advisor that enables you to trade on Forex without comprehensive knowledge and skills.