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Up-to-date news. Achivements and Forex trading success. The most recent information on working with real accounts. News related to political and economic situations in the countries which cause direct influence on the world's currency rates.

Trading results for September 2015. Profit: $ 2,182
Published 02.10.2015 at 11.13 AM.

My dear followers! Here’s my trading report for September 2015. I’m still trading with InstaForex, which cares about its clients and keeps running various campaigns despite the global crisis. For example, novices should pay attention to such a goodie as 250% Bonus. To get the bonus, go the corresponding web page on the InstaForex website. Loyal clients can enjoy campaigns that enable them to receive monthly interest on free funds and one of Welcome Bonuses of 30%, 55%, or 100%. As for those who do not believe that you can make money on Forex, here’s yet another of my monthly reports.

Trading results for August 2015. Profit: +$804
Published 01.09.2015 at 09.32 AM.

Dear readers! I’m glad to remind you that despite the present economic crisis, InstaForex is still offering a superb promo campaign for beginners titled “250% Bonus”. To receive the bonus, just click on this link.

The company’s most loyal clients can benefit from monthly interest on free margin and a welcome bonus of 30%, 55%, or 100%.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to congratulate all students and their parents on the beginning of the school year. As for us, our education combined with practice never stops. And the best thing here, our trainings are not only free of charge but also profitable. For example, trading activity on three of my accounts generated a total profit of $804 in August 2015. 

Trading results for July 2015. Profit: +$1,550
Published 01.08.2015 at 10.18 PM.

Dear readers! Today I’ve received an email from InstaForexsaying that the “250% Bonus” campaign is still available to Forex beginners, despite the current economic crisis. All you need to do to receive the bonus is follow this link. As for the company’s most loyal clients, who have been trading with InstaForex for years, they can expand their deposits by using one of the welcome bonuses of 30%,55%, and 100%. What’s more, you can also get up to 13% annual interest on free margin. It is no wonder therefore that so many traders choose InstaForex. 

Trading results for June 2015. Profit: +$554
Published 30.06.2015 at 04.51 PM.

Dearreaders! I’m often asked, “What company would you recommend for opening an account to trade on Forex?” My answer is, choose the one that treats its clients like kings and offers lots of goodies to ensure comfortable trading. Personally, Iprefer InstaForex. Why? The reason is simple. Despite the current economic crisis, InstaForex is still holding the “250% Bonus” campaign aimed at trading beginners. To receive the bonus, follow this link. The company’s most loyal clients can also expand their deposits by using one of the welcome bonuses (30%,55%,100%). Besides, the broker accrues up to 13% annual interest on free margin. 

Trading results for May 2015. Profit: +$1,816
Published 31.05.2015 at 07.33 PM.

Dear readers! I’d like to remind you that the “250% Bonus” campaign from InstaForex is still available to trading beginners, despite the current economic crisis. Togetthebonus, followthislink. The company’s most loyal clients can expand their deposits by using a welcome bonus of 30%,55%, or 100%. In addition to all these benefits, you can also receive up to 13% annual interest on free margin. It is no wonder therefore that InstaForex is chosen by so many traders. 

By the way, today is the last day of spring, which means it is time to sum up my trading results for May 2015. This month brought me a nice profit that totaled $1816 on two accounts. 

Trading results for April 2015. Profit: +$1,587
Published 01.05.2015 at 01.46 PM.


Trading results for February 2015. The profit is $697
Published 02.03.2015 at 10.52 AM.

Friends, here I publish my trading report for February 2015. If you keep tabs on the market analysis presented in my blog, then you have surely noticed that the rise in the LLS prices and another fall in EUR/USD have drawn most of my attention. While EUR/USD managed to break out of continuous southward consolidation only in the end of the month, and crude oil wasn’t able to gain another bullish momentum, still I’ve got a positive trading result. The combined profit on two accounts is $697, $54.34 of which is interest rate accrued on InstaForex accounts.

Trading results for January 2015. Profit of 2,074 USD
Published 01.02.2015 at 02.09 AM.

Here is the already traditional review of trading results for the last month. Not everything went smoothly in January as well. I have already placed a greater focus on fundamental events due to which Forex market was rather volatile – abandon of EUR/CHF floor by SNB, launch of QE by the ECB. As the result, the crosses with CHF were very volatile and the EUR/USD was falling down with almost no reversals.

Trading results for December 2014. Profit of 503 USD
Published 02.01.2015 at 11.47 AM.

Well, December is over and now we can sum up the results for 01.12 - 31.12.2014. Almost all expectations for deep correctional move had failed. Nevertheless, the monthly profit totaled 503 USD. Such positive result was possible thanks to trading discipline and money management. Considering that December and January are not traditionally technical months, the decision was made to trade only on one account. Such untechnical period is explained by lower liquidity on the markets during Christmas holidays.  

Victory in “North? South? Sideways” contest (12.12.2014)
Published 13.12.2014 at 09.29 AM.

Yet another victory in the “North? South? Sideways” competition reminded me of the phrase ‘once is chance, twice is coincidence, third time is a pattern’. This amazing contest is held by ruforum.mt5.com and is sponsored by InstaForex. Traders can compete in the ability to forecast price dynamics of four trading instruments over a week without risking their funds. It’s quite a difficult task at first, but with the help of technical analysis, you can calculate the chances of hitting targeted levels.